Vinyl Railing DIY

  1. Stand the posts and post mount brackets in their approximate final locations throughout the area. (Note: Posts for the BOTTOM of stairways are typically a few inches taller than all other posts.)
  2. Fasten all post mount brackets to the floor using the 2″ screws included* such that the edges of the base plates are each at least 1-3/4″ from the outside edge of the floor. When installing onto concrete flooring, you will need to pre-drill 3/8″ holes (by 2-1/2″ deep*) before installing the screws.
    *Local building code may require longer screws (not included).
  3. Slide the posts over the post mount brackets such that they are all tight to the deck floor at a consistent height.
  4. Railings are designed to be installed at about 3-1/2″ off the floor. Cutting two pieces of wood 2×4 (about 1 foot long EACH), for each railing panel, works as a good template to help set the height of all panels the same throughout (4″ side up/down to the hold the panels at a consistent height off the ground).
  5. Install the railings with the brackets provided after watching this video:
  1. The posts at the bottom of stairways may need to be trimmed shorter, depending on the stairway incline, and taste.
  2. Install all base-plate covers and post caps.