Every year, we at Fence-All attend over 2,500 estimates in the Ottawa / Gatineau area to provide expert advice and pricing for Fence, Deck, Railing, and Gate projects. Since many homeowners prefer to have 2-3 quotes before deciding on a company, a fairly common question we get asked by homeowners is “we really like you, but if we don’t go with you guys what fence company in our area would you recommend?”.

Asking us what fence company you should hire is a lot like if I asked you “what type of car should I buy?”. You’d likely want to know if I’m looking for something fast and fashionable, or something big enough for my growing family, or something reliable and good on gas; your recommendation would vary based on what my needs are. The same is true for determining what the best fence company is for your project. Below is a list of the best fence companies in the Ottawa area, please keep in mind that deciding which one is the best for you will depend on what type of fence you’re looking for.

1. McGee Fencing
Having been around for years, McGee Fencing is located in the south of Ottawa and specializes in everything associated with chain link fences.
The company also installs iron fences, with a limited number of vinyl fence options.

2. Total Fence
Also located in the south of Ottawa , Total Fence has also been around for many years. They install most of the popular styles of fence, with full attention given to offering all of the options and upgrades that are available.

3. FenceScape
Whereas McGee Fencing and Total Fence have been around for many years, FenceScape is a much newer player in the Ottawa Fence market.
They offer alternative versions of the same list of most popular fence styles and are working hard at making a name for themselves.

4. Ideal Fence
Another of the newer options for Fencers in the Ottawa area, Ideal Fence offers a fairly complete list of alternative versions of the most popular fence styles.

So there are 4 great companies to take a look at in regards to your fence project. Also, here are some great resources to help you with your research: