Princeton (Concave) Wood Gate w/Arbour

The example below shows a scalloped Princeton (Concave) Double Gate made of Cedar with a full arbour for support bracing. The paddle latch protruding from between the gates allows access into the yard, and the cane bolt that supports the second gate would be accessed from the inside after the first gate has been opened.

"Concave" refers to the shape of the curve on top of the gate. If the the arc is lower in the center than at the posts it's concave. If the arc is higher in the center than at the posts it's convex.

Standard Wood Gates are priced at twice the price per foot of the matching fence style. For example, if a fence style is $20/ft a matching gate will start at $40/ft.

fence-all princeton (convcave) cedar gate w/concave scallop and newport arbour
Wood Choices Cedar or Pressure Treated
Hinges 8" Tee-Hinge
Latches Paddle Latch
Gate Types
Heights 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', or 8'
Privacy Boards
More Other Wood Gate Styles
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-Elmer G. Letterman