Kars w/Concave Scallop

Starting as low as $60/foot Fully Installed, Kars begins as an Osgoode style but only shows every other picket in the top area of each panel.

"Concave" refers to the shape of the curve on top of the fence. If the the arc is higher in the center than at the posts it's convex. If the arc is lower in the center than at the posts it's concave.

The example below shows a straight cedar fence after it has been left to weather for 4 years, with gothic post caps.

fence-all kars fence
Wood Choices Cedar
Post Caps
Bottom of Fence
Heights 48", 60", or 72"
More Other Wood Fence Styles
"The installers came early and did a very nice job on my fence, answered all my questions and were very quick to fix the objections I had. There were a few big spaces in my puppy fence and they came the very next day and installed a few more bars. I am very happy!"
-Monica, Findlay Creek