What are the important points to consider with chain link fences?

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Chain link continues to be one of the most popular materials for fencing. For cost effective, maintenance-free security for pets and other family members and an attractive selection of colors, chain link provides almost everything you would ever need in a fence . But there are a few points to consider that come along with this particular choice.

Number one, chain link fences are not really designed to offer privacy. While we do offer a few types of slats these are really only meant for homeowners who back on a school or roadway with heavy industrial chain link fences. Privacy slats increase the stresses that come from snow and wind. Typical chain link fences aren't built to handle it. If you want or need privacy there are far better alternatives than chain link.

Number two: while chain link does slope with the ground well it's difficult to contour the bottom to completely eliminate gaps underneath. Pet owners who have yards that aren't flat can find better solutions with wood, vinyl, or iron.

Number three: though chain link posts and fittings are all available in a wide choice of colours, the wire is only made in one of four colours. For those who are expressive and adventurous it's worth knowing what the palette is before you get started.

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