How do Safety Panels work?

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If you need some temporary protection for your property while work is being done Safety Panels are a good solution. They offer better protection than traditional orange plastic safety fence and can be rented by the month.

Assembly is simple. The ends of the panels slide over the tubes on the base and there's a top link that secures the connection. It's an extremely flexible setup and you'll quickly discover you can set them at an angle needed (i.e., not just a straight fence line)

fence-all safety panels setup

If you need a gate just leave off the connection described above on one side of a panel. Then that side of the panel can be swung to easily make an opening. If desired, a small chain and lock can be used to keep the opening securely closed when not in use.

fence-all safety panels gate

For large changes in grade (think of a ditch) the panels can be angled sharply so that the mesh overlaps and they can then be tied together. This way the bottoms of the panels can follow the grade and minimize gapping underneath your temporary fence.

fence-all safety panels ditch

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