Gates Overview

Gates are normally the most used and abused part of any fence. The long-term look and proper operation of your gate is essential to your fence system. It's nothing less than the doorway for your guests and your family.

Fence-All has been manufacturing, supplying and installing gates since 1976. We work with all the popular material types and our gates are always designed with an eye to maximizing value for our customers.

First Impressions

A warm and cozy gate system can be inviting to visitors while a more discreet, plain gate may tell passers-by you desire solitude.


A little charm in your gate area goes a long way--it can subtly enhance your entire landscape.


Ultimately gates control what gets in or out of your yard. It's a simple fact, but well worth considering before you choose the look and style that appeals to your eye.


Gates are the only moving part of your fence and as such they tend to require more maintenance and repair. Investing in larger posts, overhead supports, or superior gate hardware are all options that can be explored with the help of your Fence-All rep.

"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends."
-Japanese Proverb