Can you tell me more about composite decks?

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Modern technology is always working to improve our lives and one great example of improvement in the last 25 years has been the introduction of composite decks that are made to look like wood but without all of the maintenance.

People often don't understand that not all composites are created equal. One of the greatest horrors to a homeowner's eyes is seeing their new composite deck stain from a spilled glass of wine on the very first weekend it's been installed.

Our composite are all made of glass that is wrapped in a thick PVC. There are no organics and our composite mix-ins mean no fading and no staining: it's the main point of our lifetime warranty.

Naturally homeowners are all curious about budget but unfortunately custom made means custom priced. After more than 40 years the best we've been able to do regarding budgeting projects is in the examples on our site. Each photo includes a budget for that sized deck with the choices of options on that particular house. The best way to nail down a price: book your free estimate now and one of our experienced designers will help you through the long list of points to consider in designing the dream deck for your home and your lifestyle.

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